The Fuzzy Freak ☢️😈
The Fuzzy Freak ☢️😈
The Fuzzy Freak ☢️😈
The Fuzzy Freak ☢️😈

The Fuzzy Freak ☢️😈

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He’s not radioactive. We don’t think..

Scientists from our lab believe somehow a hair from an Orange Haired Baboon Tarantula mixed with some zombie DNA and this abomination is the end result.

Don’t let his disturbing appearance fool you. This may be the softest and most cuddly zombie to escape our lab.

 The Fuzzy Freak includes:

An almost 2ft tall ultra-soft, orange haired zombie corpse ☢️

Plush brain with eyes attached 🧠👀

Fuzzy zombie heart 🫀

3ft long fuzzy intestines 🤮

Our plush materials remain the highest quality with each new production run. In fact we aim to improve each time. Let us know if you agree 👍

Send in your pictures and videos to be featured on our pages. Be sure to leave us a recommendation on Facebook once you see how awesome Greg is in person 💚

Small business based right here in Akron, Ohio. Yes we ship from here too!

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