The Shedder👨‍🔬🦠⚛️
The Shedder👨‍🔬🦠⚛️

The Shedder👨‍🔬🦠⚛️

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🚨🚨Warning this toy sheds hair!!🚨🚨

We weren’t sure what would happen if we did some Gamma ray testing on The Fuzzy Freak…….Well we found out. His hair grows green and sheds like a husky.

The Shedder includes:

An almost 2ft tall ultra-soft, shedding green haired zombie corpse ☢️

Plush brain with eyes attached 🧠👀

Fuzzy zombie heart 🫀

3ft long fuzzy intestines 🤮

Our plush materials remain the highest quality with each new production run. In fact we aim to improve each time. Let us know if you agree 👍

Send in your pictures and videos to be featured on our pages. Be sure to leave us a recommendation on Facebook once you see how awesome Greg is in person 💚

Small business based right here in Akron, Ohio. Yes we ship from here too!

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