The Shedder👨‍🔬🦠⚛️
The Shedder👨‍🔬🦠⚛️
The Shedder👨‍🔬🦠⚛️
The Shedder👨‍🔬🦠⚛️

The Shedder👨‍🔬🦠⚛️

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🦠🦠Limited Supply 🦠🦠

🚨🚨Warning this toy sheds hair!!🚨🚨

We weren’t sure what would happen if we did some Gamma ray testing on The Fuzzy Freak…….Well we found out. His hair grows green and sheds like a husky.

The Shedder includes:

An almost 2ft tall ultra-soft, shedding green haired zombie corpse ☢️

Plush brain with eyes attached 🧠👀

Fuzzy zombie heart 🫀

3ft long fuzzy intestines 🤮

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Grandson love him

Ryan faith
The shedder is back?!

This is my 3rd greg! And this may be my favorite!


Ordered three! They are sooo cute! 🥰

Jodi Stamper
Love it!

This was a gift for my grandson for Christmas. Just the right amount of ickyness and sillyness to delight an 8 yr old boy. He loves it.

Both is and isn’t what I expected

Pros: High quality, looks great, big, green, fuzzy, sheds hair like crazy (That last one may fall under cons if that’s not what you want it to do. Seriously this thing sheds hair everywhere)

Cons: the hair is not easy the fluff, the organ hair gets flattened while inside the stomach, hair not so soft (That last one is what takes it to 4 stars instead of 5)

So let’s get one thing straight; this toy is awesome! It really does shed hair all over the place and it looks phenomenal. The only thing I draw issue with is that it’s described as having ultra soft hair. While it’s hair is soft it’s not as soft as the Fuzzy Freak’s fuzz. I was expecting it to have that same level of softness, but it just doesn’t. I wouldn’t describe the hair as ultra soft. It just doesn’t have that tactile appeal. So if that’s important to you, it might be better to stick with the fuzzy freak. If it’s not important to you then get this hairy shedding green zombie already! What are you waiting for?